Monday, June 20, 2016

As I continue on my Journey with Medifast - TSFL

Here we are - over a Year since my last post.  This is not to say that I gave up on my Journey - actually, the usual thing happened.  That's right - I was very happy at 151.  So happy, in fact, that I stopped the plan entirely. I loved the way my clothes fit - I rewarded myself with a trip to Alaska to see my best friend - (WOOT for the BFF!  - We had a GREAT Time together).  Then I continued life and went right back to my bad habits - That took some time, but with Thanksgiving and then Christmas, and the Death of my Grandmother - it wasn't too long before I was back to where I was.

But here is good news! I had thrown away all of my clothes that were bigger.  I had 1 pair of jeans left from that era (Just in case jeans).  Nothing was fitting me - things were getting tight on me again... and I had nothing to wear.

 It was kind of - well... embarrassing.  I also stayed very active in my TSFL Group on Facebook. For those of you out there that are researching the TSFL or Medifast program, you need to go to YouTube and look up Kristina Fowler (Seriously, she is an amazing woman and coach so I am going to Link her YouTube Channel right HERE ).

Kristina and I were talking and trying to figure out what was my issue - and as we got into the thick of it, we realized that I am very Goal motivated.  I had a goal before, but when I stopped it was because I had reached a point where I had hit a pretty big goal.  I had graduated from College (Finally) and I was pretty happy with where I was.  .  . So, Kristina challenged me again.  We set a super hard goal this time - and I restarted at 172 lbs.  On April 15th - I started the "Lose 2 Cruise" at 169.

As of last Saturday, I am 144.2 - Less than I was when I gave up a year ago and settled.  This time, though, there are a few more changes.  I am not only on the Medifast Plan (And sticking with it without any cheating at all) but I have also started to do things like light Jogging, Yoga, and a lot more walking.  ( I mean a lot more Walking) - My Fitbit HR and I are ONE. In fact, at this point I think that I am averaging about 15K steps a day.   (Unless challenged... and then LOOK OUT Y'all!)

Anyway - that's the current update.  The motto here is that you may not succeed the first time you have a go at it, but that does not mean that you should give up.  Never give up - Never never Give up.