Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Took a SLIGHT Break - Joys of Medifast

So, ya'll, I had to take a slight break. NOW, before we get into the ho and hum of taking a break and how it is not good for your body let me jump right into a positive.  One of the most fabulous things about the Medifast Plan is that it makes you recognize your triggers.  I am totally a stress eating fiend.  Stress = Food in my face.  It just happens.  I will not apologize!  I do recognize it though because one of the first things my coach did with me is have me sit down and recognize my triggers.

This semester was probably the hardest semester that I have endured in a long time - and towards the end (Right around Mid April) I hit a plateau that would not go away.  No, really.  I tried everything.   The plateau was just hanging out - enjoying itself while I fretted over whether or not I would finish the semester at all.  I was a literal wreck.

I had to go off the diet - I was doing so much damage to myself by sneaking foods and stuff that I shouldn't have - I talked to my coach who tried to be encouraging, but overall it came down to understanding that sometimes you just can't beat these triggers.

BUT - I made a bargain.  I still continued to not partake in soda, walk each day, drink lots of water, and eat every 2 hours or so and stick with healthy choices like proteins and veggies.  I was stuck at 156 when I started and I was just so overwhelmingly stressed.  I knew that I would gain it all back.  *(KNEW IT)*

However, now that school has ended for the semester, and the final grades have posted, I am ready to get back in the saddle. I stepped on the scale this morning and took my measurements again and - LO! - I am 151!  That's right - I actually lost weight even with the eating out instead of preparing my meals.  The goal is still 135 and 16lbs is so within reach! I'm back at it! :)

I love that this diet is flexible, and that it works with you if you work with it. :)

Keep going strong everyone!  The goal is within reach! :)