Thursday, March 19, 2015

Plateau - Oh, the woes of the Plateau -

So - success has been abundant over the course of this diet.  However, I hit a plateau after my last post. Seriously - nothing was moving. (Ok, that is not entirely true... The scale did not move much, but my belt notch did).  Either way, that little number does mean a lot to me - and I was really worried.  I mean... 2 weeks at 156?  I am just OUNCES Away from being in a normal weight class instead of in the overweight class!

Then - disaster. (I know, I am so dramatic).  We went on a road trip and I gained 3 lbs.  What the what?!?!  I knew that this happened with travel, but with me?  No!  That's for other girls!  Not this smokin' hot broad!  What was a girl to do?

I had the answer -  Actually, a group member had the answer, but I totally joined in.  BEAST MODE WEEK.  All your water , all your meals on time, and portioned meals exactly down to the Gram.  That's right - BEAST MODE ACTIVATED!

So, when I started this week I was at 159.6 - and as of this morning I am at 154.6 - the week is not over yet, but I am past the evil Plateau of 156.4 by almost 2 lbs!  So - YAY for beast Mode!  May the trend continue! :)  (In a southward direction as far as the scale is concerned).  The ultimate goal was to make it to 153 by this coming Sunday.  NOW, I am hoping to Fly past the goal of 153 and hopefully be in a new decade or darn close to being there.  We shall see, right?  Either way - I am glad to be moving in the right direction again. :)