Friday, February 13, 2015

So - I know that I posted on Sunday but...

This week has been super stellar for my goal!  I have been almost completely OP (Other than a handful of salted almonds --tsk, tsk, tsk) but as of this morning I am in the lower half of the decade of the 160's.  I am thinking that by the end of this month I should be in a whole new decade once again! :)

Why is this so awesome?  Well, the dear misses and I were up talking the other night - and in the time that I have been married to him (more than a decade now) the lowest that I ever got was when I was on HCG and got into the 150's.  That's it. He has never seen me weigh any less than that in the entire time that he and I have been together.  And personally, I weighed less for more of my life than the time that I was with him, so why couldn't I get back to where I was before I met him?

It is exciting!  So exciting that he started on his P90X Routine again.  After all - (According to him) He can't be walking around all fatty with a slender lady on his arm, right?  (Well, he might not have said it quite like that, but you get the point).

We will keep you updated, but so far progress is great!  The diet is great!  I am still going strong - and I don't have any intention of changing at all because I love being able to fit into the clothes that I have.  Not squeeze into them and convince myself that it's because I kept them in the dryer too long- but I mean FIT into them comfortably.

It's the little things.